Today Sunday I am sitting at my studio working on a project at my loom.

I have been looking through a samplebook I start making many years ago, when I was working in Italy. I got the oppertunity to work in Como and Prato.
This sample is my favorite of all I have. It is woven in silk on a jacquard loom.
Sometimes I use the textile samples for inspiration or just as today to look at, as they are so beautiful.
Some of the pattern (the thick threads) are made in deflected weave technique.
I like the combination of thick and thin and how simple a pattern can be made when working with this.

Two samples in black / white. The first in very thin cotton, complex and woven on a jacquard loom. The other in thick wool. Both are interesting and could be used for interior as curtain and blankets.

The last three I have chosen to show is ideal for upholstery.
I like to look through my samplebooks, both with my own woven textiles and here old ones, as there are a richness of surfaces, structures and tactility.

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