I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.
May 2012 be full of amazing weavings, wonderful yarns, health and happiness!



When I earlier this year went to Amsterdam I visited a very interesting shop called Shirdak. Marianne Tuerlings, the owner have a lot of beautiful textiles from the Silk Road and nomadic felts. All of them so amazing. She has just started an online shop.
In another post I will show snapshots from the shop.

I bought some small amulets, probably from Parkistan or Afghanistan, made in beads. The size is around 7 cm in diameter.

There were a lot of them in the shop, so I chose the one I liked by turning them around, as the backside is so beautiful. At my studio they are hanging showing both sides.



A very good artist friend of me have send me this so beautiful Christmas greeting.
I am so much in love with it! Thank you sweet Ceca. 
Ceca is from Bulgaria and her work of land art is amazing.
On my Textile Letters I am so fortunate to have received this lovely letter from Ceca.



I am in love with Christmas! For a whole month I am able to look at my beautiful Christmas decoration. I bought my tree on the first Sunday of Advent where I also putted on my decoration. Last year I bought a lot of old glass decoration from Germany and Czech republic.
This year I have tried to say to myself, only to buy one old item. It's not that easy. I mannage to buy two of the same kind.
I have grewn up with old glass decoration which my mother have got from her parents.

Last year I also wrote a post about my tree. Have a look here.
Here you can see an ice tap in glass which I have bought from a Russian woman. It is long; 21 cm.
One of the wise men putted on a clips. These kind of ornaments is rare.
An owl and a fungus, also on a clips. I always get nervous when I put on these kind of ornaments, as the clips are old and therefore very fragile.
This Santa Claus is rare as he is transperant in some part of his body. Both him and the duck is on clips.
A friend of mine have made this beautiful and fragile angel out of napkin and some wire. I like to mix the old glass decoration with new handmade things.
When visiting a church in Peru I found this, which I think many people actually put in the front of the window in there car. It is in plastic, with Jesus crucified in 3-D.
Pom poms made by me in japanese yarn from Nakachuu with beads.
Here is a very special item which I purchase last year. It is made out of thick paper like cardboard and added a lot of silver glimmer. In the little triangle Jesus is in his creep. Perhaps it is from Germany.
When I grew up we use to make ouer own Christmas decoration. This is a Danish tradition called woven hearts.
A friend of mine have made a blog; A heart heart season from December the 1. till 24th, with a new heart every day, to print and make yourself. It is important to check the blog every day - the heart of the day will only be available for free download for 24 hours. I think it is a lovely idea.
Here is the last old ornament I have purchase. I think it is from France, but I am not sure.
My colleage at my studio, knit designer Marianne Johnstad-Møller have crochet this. Afterwards she have added some silver foil. Very pretty.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



I now have a little collection of Detentes, all bought in Peru. Here is an earlier post I have written about my first detentes.
This time I were lucky. The day before going back to Denmark, I visited the street Avenida La Paz in Miraflores district of Lima. There is especially one female antique owner who often gets some "new" old detentes. I were able to expand my collection here and this is what I found.
This unique detente is with a bleeding heart in the center with a cross on the top, surrounded by branches with flowers. I think the fabric is silk.
The size is 6 x 7,5cm.
Two small detentes where there is embroidery on both sides. It is the first time I have seen it as with the detente to the left. They are both a little bit destroyed.
To the right it says: DETENTE el Corazón de Jesús está conmigo: the heart of Jesus is with me.
They are around 3-3,5 cm in the diameter.

Here Jesus is on the Cruzifix surrounded by gold embroidery and pink flowers.  
On top of Jesus it says; INRI. In latin it means: "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum", Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews.
This detente is big, 9 cm in length.

Two detente with Maria in focus. The one to the left were wrapped inside plastic when I bought it, so now it is very shiny and clean.
Two detente with perhaps baby Jesus.
The last couple of detentes all have a photo in the center behind plastic, surrounded by embroidery of flowers.

Two detente with a lot of details. The one to the right is so delicate with the little sheep, VIVA MARIA and VIVA JESVS, the embroidered flowers and a person.
They are very small, only 3 x 4 cm. 
Like with the first detentes I bought, I also here have a favorite.
The embroidered thread in the edges have almost disappear. The heart is bleeding, but behind is the sun. 



Today I went for a visit at a very good friend. I walked through the cemetery.
I saw some branches with purple berries on.
On my bike is my new gloves from Peru, a totebag with the word: kærlighed, which means love in danish. My phonecase from Tovicarri and a box with cakes from the backery. And finally a cross in green.



Sitting and making christmas decoration: pom pom's in paperyarn, silk and linen with beads. Looking nice on the tree with my old glass decoration from Tjekoslovakia and Germany.



When travelling I enjoy taking quick photos of people, colors, patterns, structures etc. I see on my way.
When beeing in Puno the Puno Week were going on. That meant a lot of colors, traditional costumes and dances.

In the highlands the women wear sandals made out of tires from the car or trucks. I remember I bought a pair some years ago, but they were too hard for me to wear. This woman had put some colorful bands on the sandals. It is the first time I have ever seen.
In Barranco in Lima I enjoy walking as I often see so many beautiful colors put together in a way, that we would never do in Denmark. Here is a window/wall of a backpackers place near the beach.
A snapshot of a man with his dog in the center of Lima, called Tacna.
My husband told me he often used to see this man walking with his dog, also many years ago. I usually do not like when people dress up there pets like this, but there is something unusual about this man and his dog. I think there is a special connecting between them.
This is also from Tacna.
In this neighborhood a lot of print companies is located. Perhaps this woman is carrying the leftovers of the printers cutting of the side of the paper.
When beeing in Lima the celebration of Senor de los Milagros was going on. The color purple is the main color for this. Many days parades were beeing held in the streets of Lima, mostly in Tacna, but also in the small areas of each neighborhood. People were carrying big banners of Senor de los Milagros and big candles were beeing lit. I like these religious candles a lot and I always try to have as many with me home.
We went to Huancayo for a weekend and there we went out to small villages to visit craftsman. Everywere we go the local people were trying to sell sweets, crackers or something to drink. This old woman in front of a weavers studio is so beautiful. She were selling a homemade juice. 
On Sunday the local market is beeing held in Huancayo. Everywhere in Peru in the highlands the local people wear there traditional clothes. I fell in love with the skirts, known as "polera".
A Sunday in Lima a celebration were happening. It seamed like people were wearing clothes from the different kinds of region of Peru, from the Amazon to the coast to the many different villages in the highlands. There were music and dancing in the streets. A young woman is wearing colorful pom pom'er in mica in her hair. These is of course in synthetic material, but I were lucky in Puno to find the real pom pom in lama wool and also one in beads.
A quick snapshot of a woman in the streets of Julliaca. We were sitting in the taxi on ouer way to the airport. Mostly these kind of snapshots turn out bad, but here I were lucky.
In the center of Lima close to Plaza de Armas we saw this young mother from the highlands walking with her two children.



We have now been home for about three weeks after ouer fantastic trip back to my husbands beautiful country; Peru.

When walking to my studio I notice the trees were all naked and new pretty patterns suddenly showed up between the branches.  

In the little forrest on the way to the studio all the colorfull leaves were lying on the ground. I enjoy walking in them and hear the sound of crispyness.
My parrents always take care of my cat Osvald when I am away on a trip. He is my little Sunshine and there is a very special bond between us.



This weekend I am having a Christmasmarket at my new studio, together with Marianne Johnstad-Møller which I am sharing the studio with with. We have invited three guest; Lise Pedersen Rosenkrantz, a weaver who weaves the most delicate towels. Signe Rønne Kejlbo, who weaves haute couture with fur for Christian Lacroix, amoung others and Maj Winther Christensen a ceramic /glass product designer.
A view of the studio with my loom in the right and in the front a room divider woven by me.
My handwoven items can be bought through etsy and all these new items will be added there in a couple of days.
Lise's amazing handwoven towels in linen and cotton.
In the front two pillows woven by me in paperyarn from Japan. 
A view of the window with Marianne's goppel in plasticyarns and wool and ouer handmade Christmas decoration.
The goppel.
Christmas decoration by Marianne. 
Beautiful yarns in silk, coated cotton and paperyarn for wrapping gifts.
A wall full of necklaces.
Close up off the handmade Christmas decoration.
Marianne knits beautiful ponchos, often in a mix of wool and cotton.

Beautiful scarfs by Lise, small purses by Marianne and I and handwoven cards in gauze by me.
Pillows sewn from a vintage skirt from the Pisac area in Peru, candles and Christmas cards.