I am in love with Christmas! For a whole month I am able to look at my beautiful Christmas decoration. I bought my tree on the first Sunday of Advent where I also putted on my decoration. Last year I bought a lot of old glass decoration from Germany and Czech republic.
This year I have tried to say to myself, only to buy one old item. It's not that easy. I mannage to buy two of the same kind.
I have grewn up with old glass decoration which my mother have got from her parents.

Last year I also wrote a post about my tree. Have a look here.
Here you can see an ice tap in glass which I have bought from a Russian woman. It is long; 21 cm.
One of the wise men putted on a clips. These kind of ornaments is rare.
An owl and a fungus, also on a clips. I always get nervous when I put on these kind of ornaments, as the clips are old and therefore very fragile.
This Santa Claus is rare as he is transperant in some part of his body. Both him and the duck is on clips.
A friend of mine have made this beautiful and fragile angel out of napkin and some wire. I like to mix the old glass decoration with new handmade things.
When visiting a church in Peru I found this, which I think many people actually put in the front of the window in there car. It is in plastic, with Jesus crucified in 3-D.
Pom poms made by me in japanese yarn from Nakachuu with beads.
Here is a very special item which I purchase last year. It is made out of thick paper like cardboard and added a lot of silver glimmer. In the little triangle Jesus is in his creep. Perhaps it is from Germany.
When I grew up we use to make ouer own Christmas decoration. This is a Danish tradition called woven hearts.
A friend of mine have made a blog; A heart heart season from December the 1. till 24th, with a new heart every day, to print and make yourself. It is important to check the blog every day - the heart of the day will only be available for free download for 24 hours. I think it is a lovely idea.
Here is the last old ornament I have purchase. I think it is from France, but I am not sure.
My colleage at my studio, knit designer Marianne Johnstad-Møller have crochet this. Afterwards she have added some silver foil. Very pretty.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. hope you have a very lovely christmas. So many lovely decoration in your tree and it is nice you tell something about them.

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  3. Your Christmas tree is lovely!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!