Out in the backyard, have I just found this leftover from a flower. In danish it is called a: FRØKAPSEL.



This is a post of things I like doing or looking at in my everyday life.
When my husband came to Denmark in 2008 and the winter came, it was the first time for him to ever see and touch snow.
I still remember when I was a child I always made snow angels, so therefore one evening when the snow had just started to fall, we went out and made this little snow angels. We had so much fun!
I simple love bobinlace.
When I were fourteen, my grandmother Doris tought me to do bobinlace. She always had something between her hands; knitting, painting, playing the piano or bobinlace. I loved the evenings when we sat together in her livingroom and she helped me. I have so many good memories of she and I together working with ouer hands.
In a museum I have seen this newspaper cutted into lacelike patterns, to be put on shelves for protections. This is the way poor people had to do it, but I think it is so beautiful!
Old wallpaper!
A spidersweb which is so pretty in the morning with a little bit of rain on the lacelike pattern.


LENO 1954.

Last week in Holland I were so lucky to be able to see two old samplebooks full of leno from 1954. All of the samples were woven in cotton.
Many of the samples were woven in what I call a plain leno together with the ordinary plain weave.

 A letter from the manufactor in dutch.

A very simple design with plain weave and in the edges a leno. Before and after the plain weave a little cross is woven in leno. Beautiful and simple.
 Together with each sample there were a sketch like this.


In Holland I were lucky to found these buttoms in glass.

The first photo is buttoms from the 1940. They are not in glass. These I bought in a shop, not far away from droog design shop. It is called; Retro en Chic. You can find it on facebook: 1953 Retro & Chic.

In the second photo I were lucky to find 24 glass buttoms, all looking the same and sewn onto a piece of paper.

In the third photo there are two buttoms of the same buttom. I found them at a fleamarket. I am in love with them because of there different kinds of patterns and structures.



I have just been out, as I had to pick up some yarns for new developments at my textile studio.

I saw these beautiful mushrooms on my way. Full of structure and texture.



I have just come home from Holland. First I were four days in Amsterdam and later on two days in Winterswijk for weaving.
I just like walking around with my camera, taking photos.
Out on the street I found this little copy of Van Gogh's: Sunflowers. Pretty!!
One day I walked into the backyard of some houses and here I found all these mailboxes decorated with photos and old wallpapers.
The atmosphere were fantastic and I wish there were mailboxes like this in Copenhagen.
Many years ago I were a mailman (woman) in Copenhagen and I still remember the same boring maiboxes. Only a few times did I see some that were more private, like this. I really enjoyed. My own front door into my appartment is full of photos, things I like looking at.
Me concentrating, taking a photo.
One day I was borred so I went into a shopping center in Amsterdam.
Here I saw that different designers had studios with shops. What a great idea. This is a little sneak peak into Melangetrois who make beautiful clothes. There studio were full of plants and a big wall of inspiring photos.
In front of a flower shop I saw these plants hanging. The owner were standing inside making them by somehow sewing the roots inside the ground. Amazing work. I would love to have some hanging at my own studio.
Close to the flower shop I saw these old trash canes. A woman was going out and she invited me inside the backyard. So sweet of her.
A forbidden photo taken inside droog.
This table were amazing.
A lot of "Flittig Lise". That is what we call these small things here in Denmark. It is possible to make a little string with threads on them.
When walking I often take a look inside peoples home. I know it is not very polite, but often there are so many beautiful things.
In this window, I think it is some kind of tape cutted into a pattern that has been put on. It is so beautiful and I wish I had a window like this.
A homemade braided curtain.
Lots of notes.
Like me other people is also in love with cats. There were cats in the windows and on the front door. So this is a little greeting to my own lovely cat; Osvald.



I am now in Winterswijk in the north part of Holland, close to the German border. I am here for weaving.
Today after a hard day I went out for a walk. This is what I found: A Winterswijk grass.
I have today seen two old books from 1954, full of leno weavings. Beautiful. I will show another day.



I have always been fascinated by writing and receiving letters.

At the age of 17 I added a little note in newspapers around the world; from Brasil to Germany to Mexico to Spain. My main interest at the time were: handwork, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, nature, horses and music.
I still remember the exitement when receiving the first letters from my new penpals.
Eugenia from Sao Paulo send me photos of the different kinds of indian tripes in the Amazon. Amazing photos with featherwork for danzing.

Over the years I collected several big boxes full of letters, snapshots, photos. Every time I had to clean up or moving to a new place because of studies, I had to throw out some.
In the summer of 2011 we got a lot of rain here in Copenhagen, just over at couple of hours. The day after I went down into my basement to have a look. I started opening the old letters, looking at photos of both my penpals and snapshots they have send to me all these years ago, going back in memories.
I would like to invite you to join my writing of TEXTILE LETTERS.
Letters full of colors, textures, snapshots, words, anything you would like to share with me.

Dear Jacques; You are always on my mind, one day we will meet again. I love YOU!



Here is a little sneak peak into the letter I wrote for Hermine.
Photos of Japanese Boro textiles and a little kasuri weaving sample, which I bought in Kyoto.
In the background there are some shiny leftovers from a tree I see every day when taking the bus to my job. When you open it there are some seeds inside it and this shinyness appears.
A leaf which has started to change into a lace like pattern.
In the background there are two samples woven by me in complex gauze. The black one in paperyarn and the shiny in stainless steel.
OYA, Turkish Lace.
I bought some of them at the bazar in Istanbul and others at antique shops in Bursa. The oya's have all been part of a scarf.
In the front there is a photo of a Detente from Peru.
Photos of paper strings from Japan.

So, dear Hermine I hope you enjoyed the letter I sent to you as much as I have enjoyed yours.
I think I have to start my own little "letter writing" one day.



My last flowers from the Pelargonium Sidoides. It 's special because of the purple color. Pretty!



This weekend me and my husband have been home at my parents place. My mother have the most wonderful garden and in this time of the year everything starts to change.
This is leaves from the plant called "HOSTA".