Finally it's here. I have been longed for the flowers to start to come up from the ground. This is one of my favorites, in Denmark it's called a Perlehyacint. I like the way it's possible to see the little fingers inside the flowers. It's smell is so beautiful.
The first flowers on my balcony.
My Geraniums have just started to explode with leaves and soon I can put out my Pelargoniums from it's winter inside.
As you probably already know I'm in love with indigo and white. This is my Saki-ori, bought at a fleamarket in Kyoto. It's hanging at my studio. There I love beeing surrounded by the things and textiles I love. One of my walls is dedicated to my Textile Letters.



When I went to Peru the first time in 2007 I fell in love with the peines from the Amazonas. I still haven't visit the Amazonas, one day I will, but have only seen the peines at the Museo de la Cultura Peruana in the center of Lima. The museum is full of Peruvian folk art and I like visiting it every time I am in Lima.
I love the peines.
Many of them have a woven pattern, here a twill in zig zag.
The one left in the top is my favorite. I like the way the pattern is made with just a black thread.
These three is amazing. The patterns is really exquisite.
This is my own little collection of peines. I have bought them at a very special shop in Miraflores in Lima, which is full of things from the Amazonas; Agua y Tierra.
My own pieces of peines is amazing because of the difference of the black and natural colors.

The last peinas I have is not from Peru. A friend of mine who is travelling a lot have found this in India. Again it have the beautiful woven pattern which I am fascinated of.



I have started to make embroidery again. Haven't done since I were in the beginning of my twenties, so eventhough I have chosen simple patterns it's a challange for me.
By the way I'm in love with these b/w codes of patterns.



A new Tuesday at my studio.

I have just got a new purse from the Blue Rabbit House. Eva make these so fantastic embroidered purses. This one is part of her Leaf Collection. You can find the Blue Rabbit House on etsy.com

Two photos from my studio partner's wall: old white embroidery and buttoms.

My ARM loom with new yarns on and a selections of different kinds of paperyarns.

Finally a photo of me and my husband from our weddingday in Lima, 4 years ago. It is standing in front of me, so I always can look at it.

So another perfect Tuesday at my studio.



I have started to make some blogpost with my smartphone and this is one of them.

Today I went to the center of Copenhagen with my husband and we saw these colorful trees with knitted pieces and pom pom's on them.
Recently I have seen these handmade textiles at different places in Cph and I love it.
Perhaps it's time to hang up some of my own woven textiles. What do you think?