Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm a passionate textile designer and weaver, whose biggest interest is the weaving technique gauze.

I'm living in Denmark with my lovely husband Freddy, whom I meet in Lima, Peru while studying Chancay Gauzes and ouer fat and wonderful cat Osvald. My big passion is Gauze, which I have studied at Museo Amano in Peru, in Japan and at the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin.
My blog by rios is mainly about woven textiles made by me, textiles I like or photos which give a sense of colors, tactility, texture and surface.
I like writing letters and have therefore started the project textiles letters. Please have a look and join if you would like us to start exchanging letters.
Besides this I also like visit fleamarkets and every time I travel to a new country I always go and visit a cementery to feel the atmosphere and the culture of the country.

If I have referenced something of yours and you would prefer it to be removed, please email me, so I can happily oblige, thank you.

Please have a look at my blog and feel free to comment if you like.
Thank you for visiting.

Karina Nielsen Rios

Unless otherwise credited, all content and images are the creation of by rios. If you wish to use any text or images from this site, please link back to by rios.


  1. really lovely ! I'm impressed by all the course you have followed !

  2. What a nice picture of you Karina. Bauhaus archive sounds fascinating. It would be very interesting if you maybe would like to tell us a bit more about that in a future blog post :) Love Sara