Sitting at my studio working on new ideas.
On my wall is hanging different kinds of things I treasure: old danish white-in-white embroidery, handmade paper doiles from Japan, old buttoms from a fleamarket in Amsterdam.
I have bought myself a nice swedish thebolle at the backery.



I have just came home from a walk with my husband. These days I think there is so many lovely things on Nørrebro to discover when walking.
At the Blågårds Plads we saw these beautiful stars on the pavment. In the evening they become more bright.



On my way back from work I saw this fence with a lot of colorful artwork by Søvsøs Kunstlab.



Have just been out walking with my husband here on Nørrebro, where we live in Copenhagen.
We saw embroidery on the trees, which are so pretty. I like the idea.
In a gallery black/white pictures, very textile like. Around the lakes colorful grafitti and finally my husband is pretending he is a spider.



I have a favourite place just nearby where I live here on Nørrebro. It's a cemetery and I used to go for a walk there every once a week. Today was the day.
The cemetery is called Assistens Kirkegård; my favourite place.
Inside the cemetery there are small spots which are very special to me. This place is one of them.
Today I saw a tree full of colorful pom pom's. I think it's part of a decoration somebody have put next to a grave.
An untouched bench with the characteristic yellow wall behind.
Outside the cemetery just before I walked in, a poster were hanging on the yellow wall with the word; dansk.
This tree is amazing. Very textile like with the bark in stripes and beautiful colors. 
Lovely windows with patterns.
This little leftover from a tree fell down while I were walking. I love the spidersweb pattern which is possible to see in the leaves.
In the Fall while it's still green, if you throw it up in the air, it will swing from side to side while falling down. So pretty.
While walking I saw this facade outside the cemetery. A white dove. For me it's a sign of peace, happiness and love.



I love yarns!
Mostly to weave with, but I also try to make some other things, mainly for decoration.
Last year at my Christmasmarket at my studio I made some pom pom's. Now I have turned some of them into garlands. In between the pom pom's there is glassbeads from Czechoslovakia and card stock cutted into different kinds of shapes.

When it comes to my own work I like working with non-colors; black, grey and white. I think you will be able to see the structure, patterns and texture much more and also the materials stands out better.
The garland is made in white-in-white shades and the pom pom's reminds me of snowballs.
If you should be interested in purchasing one you can find it here.
The first winter my husband spend here in Denmark (3½ years ago) we got a lot of snow, and the first evening we went out and had a snowball fight. Later that evening we made our first angels in the snow together.



Yesterday my new purse from The Blue Rabbit House shop arrived at my home. I am so much in love with Eva's leaf collection and I will probably buy one more.
The little leaf at the zipper completes the purse.
Details of the beautiful leafs embroidered by Eva.
The back of the purse with a pretty textile full of flowers.
Inside, also a flower textile together with the blue rabbit house tag.
Eva also have a blog with updates on her shop and other nice things about textiles.
Even the envelope which contained the purse were textile like.
I love my new purse and is going to put my new canon g 12 items in it. Then I will have it with me everywhere I go.