I love yarns!
Mostly to weave with, but I also try to make some other things, mainly for decoration.
Last year at my Christmasmarket at my studio I made some pom pom's. Now I have turned some of them into garlands. In between the pom pom's there is glassbeads from Czechoslovakia and card stock cutted into different kinds of shapes.

When it comes to my own work I like working with non-colors; black, grey and white. I think you will be able to see the structure, patterns and texture much more and also the materials stands out better.
The garland is made in white-in-white shades and the pom pom's reminds me of snowballs.
If you should be interested in purchasing one you can find it here.
The first winter my husband spend here in Denmark (3½ years ago) we got a lot of snow, and the first evening we went out and had a snowball fight. Later that evening we made our first angels in the snow together.

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  1. I LOVE my garland so much! Working on getting a good picture of it to show in my blog. Will let you know when I post about it there :) *Hugs Sara*