I am in Peru now. It is so lovely. Full of colors.
When I come back I will have a lot of new photos and words to share.

One of my favourite doors in Barranco.



Yesterday I were in Ebeltoft to visit Kvadrat.
In Ebeltoft you can find the world longest treeship called Fregatten Jylland. It is full of beautiful lines.



Today I have been visiting Kvadrat, as I am working on some new developments for them. I now have Checkpoint, Toto, Zeze and Yoyo put into production at there company.
When entering Kvadrat, the first thing you see is a light object by the Danish/Iceland designer Olafur Eliasson. It is so amazing.
His work is something that nobody else can. He has just finished a spectacular artwork called Your Rainbow Panorama on the roof of the Danish Museum AROS.



Now when the weather have change into something more cold, I had to put my Pelargoniums inside.
My SIDOIDES is still in blossom and I love this tiny little fragile pelargonium with it's purple color.



When I were in Amsterdam I went on several fleamarkets and I were able to find a special shop with lots of antique clothes, laces, embroidery, buttoms ect. The shop can be found on facebook; 1953 Retro & Chic. 
This is a special item. The owner of 1953 Retro & Chic told me it had been used to be put around the neck and then hang down in the front of a blouse.
So beautiful. Like a roset together with a leaf.
I also found two cuffs with bobinlace. The white color have turn yellow a little bit.
It is a little bit curly, but I am affraid to iron it to much, but I will try.
This piece is close to my heart as my grandmother tought me bobinlace when I were fourteen.
Kind of gloves. I think it is knitted.
At the fleamarket I were lucky to find a blouse for a child with a handmade buttom.
One more handmade buttom, but found in Copenhagen at Decor.
Bobinlace, also found at Decor.
A special collar from 1953 Retro & Chic.
Detail of the way it is made with the stitching so it is possible to make the up and down.


textile letters: FROM BLANDINA.

textile letters: FROM BLANDINA.: Received from Blandina, Firenze, September 11. I have just received this amazing and beautiful stitching /patcwork from Blandina in Firen...