Hello there!

I'm so sorry I have been absent for a long time. So many things have happend in my life in the past half year.

My old and lovely cat Osvald have past away, as he got more and more ill and finally I took the decision to have the veterinarian to come home to our place and end his life in a good way. Today his ashes is standing in our livingroom, so I always can talk to him.
Our little home became more and more empty and after several months my husband and I went to the shelter together. There were little Manolo waiting for us, a cute and sweet 6 months kitten, red like Osvald. I knew he was the right cat for us and today he have become
part of our little family and the most loving cat.
Right now Manolo is lying next to me on the sofa, while I'm writing this blogpost.

Manolo have been helping me and my husband through another very difficult time.
I have had a dream for so many years, to become a mother. 
Unfortunately it did not happend so we deceided to get help from a fertility clinic. I have to admit I have been going through hell and
finally we deceided to stop the process as it was to hard. This Spring will be very hard on me, but thankfully I have a very sweet and
loving husband.

I would like to share some images of my bobbinlace samples. I know this is only some simple bobbinlace, but one day I hope to be able to make some more complicated pieces.
I still remember the evenings when I was a young girl sitting in my Grandmothers livingroom and she taught me to make bobbinlace,
her special smell and her hands working with the tools.

I would like to apologize to everybody who is waiting for a textile letter from me. Soon a letter will be on it's way.



My homepage is online and I'm so happy.

A very good friend of mine; Tina Taul who is a graphic designer have designed the look and put everything
together. I think it shows me and the way I work with weaving in a cool and simple way.

I love it!
Thank you Tina.



My husband and I went on a little holiday last week at the Island in the South of Sjaelland called Møn. It was the perfect time of year with the beautiful Autumn colors, to visit this spectacular place. Møn is among others famous for Møns Klint
The bright chalk cliffs stands proudly up in the air.

My husband and I spend hours at the stone beach trying to find fossils of various types of shellfish. I loved listening to the sounds of the waves and imagine a fairytale in the Sea.

When climbing down the many stairs to the beach I saw this fantastic tree with it's amazing roots.

Nearby the Klint there were beautiful fields. They had all been harvested and looked so beautiful with the most lovely colors.



Yesterday I went and visited the Designmuseum in Copenhagen. It was the last day of
the exhibition Rococo Mania. I’m so glad I took the time to go, as it was a wonderful exhibition. It was put together by three women.
Old pieces from the collection of the Designmuseum and some of there own work.

I feel in love with some embroidered samples. Here in Denmark they are called a “Navneklud”.
Name of cloth, embroidered pattern collection, made ​​from 1500-t. in Europe. The motifs are alphabets and number sequences to use for marking linen and various kinds of borders and religious and secular symbols, which were copied from the printed pattern books. Name cloths were also learn cloths for young girls from the higher strata of society, they are often dated and bearing the girl's name or initials and her ancestors. The cloths are sewn with silk, wool or linen yarn in plain weave wool, linen or cotton.
The early examples show a variety of techniques; later cross stitch the most common stitches, and name cloths reflects current idiom.
In Denmark, they were especially made ​​from approx. 1700, from around 1800 as part of school needlework lessons. Letters and numbers were the predominant motives and about. 1850 took over mass-produced embroidery patterns navnekludens role as publisher. They performed a few more decades to learn rags and experience in the late 1900-s. a renaissance as genealogies for christening etc.

The pieces were stunning.

The photos I have taken is through glass and with not so good light, but I still hope it’s possible to get a feeling of the wonderful world
of the “Navneklud” here in Denmark, all these many years ago.



As many already know I have a big passion for vintage and old textiles, mostly handwoven towels, white-in-white embroidery and bobbinlace.
Therefore I love the fleamarkets and the secondhand shops. So everywhere I go I have to visit. In Copenhagen I have a favorite shop; Decor and the owner Lone have been collecting old/vintage textiles, accessories and clothes for many years. I simple love popping in there and I never go out without buying something.
Last weekend I found these lovely items.

Two small pieces.
The one to the right is perhaps bobbinlace. In about one month I'm going to start a course in bobbinlace. My Grandmother taught me this technique when I was 14 years, so I almost can't wait to get started again.
A collar in bobbinlace.

A collar in Hedebo embroidery. I love this technique.

This textile is in metal, I'm not sure of the technique, perhaps bobbinlace. I like the difference in the thick and thin yarn used to make it.



This Summer I have not been visiting many fleamarkets, eventhough I really enjoy it a lot. So when I finally deceide one Saterday morning, today is the day I bike to my favorite fleamarket in Copenhagen, located behind the cityhall of Frederiksberg.
That Saterday I'm so lucky. I have just went into the market, passing a couple of stalls and I saw a woman selling white in white embroidery. It was so amazing. Lots of finely made doilies, napkins with edges in bobbinlace, another napkin with different kinds of embroidery stitches. The woman told me her Grandmother had passed away and that she had made all these beautiful handmade items.

When I walked further on I were lucky again. On a table was a litlle box and inside it, it was full of bobbinlace samples. The woman here told me she was selling all these beauties for an old woman at the age of 85, who had been making bobinlace all her life. How lucky were I. It was like Christmas evning, but the weather was beautiful and sunny.

Later this year I have signed up for bobbinlace classes, which I look so much forward to.  Since I was a girl I have always loved working with my hands and my Grandmother taught me bobbinlace when I was 14 years, today I'm 40. So this class will be like going back in memory of the evenings when I was sitting with my Grandmother in her home. She helping me to make the spiders web, this I still remember so clearly.

Two beautiful bobbinlace samples. The one in the detail is really special, as there is an extra thick thread in the lace. I hope to be able to make this kind of bobbinlace one day.
Not sure if this is bobbinlace, but it's so beautiful, also with an extra thick thread to highlight the design.

 Another beauty. In the detail you can see the small leaves on top of the bobbinlace. Really special.
 Two very fine doilies in bobbinlace.
This doily is extra special. It seems to me like it's a combination of very fine bobbinlace and more thicker croche.

 Different edges on napkins.

A very fine bobbinlace.

I'm mostly into all these old vintage bobbinlace designs. Eventhough many people today experiment with different kinds of patterns, things to hang up, I like this kind of bobbinlace. Perhaps because it reminds me of me Grandmother.