As many already know I have a big passion for vintage and old textiles, mostly handwoven towels, white-in-white embroidery and bobbinlace.
Therefore I love the fleamarkets and the secondhand shops. So everywhere I go I have to visit. In Copenhagen I have a favorite shop; Decor and the owner Lone have been collecting old/vintage textiles, accessories and clothes for many years. I simple love popping in there and I never go out without buying something.
Last weekend I found these lovely items.

Two small pieces.
The one to the right is perhaps bobbinlace. In about one month I'm going to start a course in bobbinlace. My Grandmother taught me this technique when I was 14 years, so I almost can't wait to get started again.
A collar in bobbinlace.

A collar in Hedebo embroidery. I love this technique.

This textile is in metal, I'm not sure of the technique, perhaps bobbinlace. I like the difference in the thick and thin yarn used to make it.


  1. These are amazing! We have a few secondhand shops near, but they often don't sell textiles like these. Or at least not in the condition you buy yours! I wish they did, though!

  2. Oh, you're gathering such a beautiful collection of lace! *I'm so jealous* ;)

  3. Dear Eva and Karen,
    I'm glad you both like the textiles. I have to say Decor is a very special secondhand shop as the owner have been collecting these items for a long time and still do.

  4. I love the white work - white on white is an absolute favorite here!! The others are pretty too, the metallic piece is almost like cobweb!!

  5. very lovely again !
    the one with metalic thread i can't say it is bobbinlace, it looks almost like bobbinlace tough. did your start already with your lessons in laceclass?

  6. That is truly beautiful, Karina. Love the metal lace :-)

  7. This technique is very similar to Suzani embroidery of the near east from Uzbekistan to Egypt. Stunning!