Today is a very sad day. Jacques, my parents sweet dog is now resting in peace.
I still remember when I saw you the first time. I came home for Christmas and there were you; this sweet little puppy. I gave you my heart and we have been friends ever since. We have had so many good times together, full of fun and happiness.

You will always be in my heart sweet Jacques.

Kisses from Karina.



I enjoy visiting the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen and this last Sunday I went there.
Right now the garden is full of alium, some is still in blooming and others have started to faide away.

I think all these leftovers is so beautiful. Full of structures and shades. I have started collecting and putted them in small boxes, so I can look at them during the winter!

When walking suddenly I came across these fantastic leafs which has started to transform into this amazing lace like pattern.
Love love love!



I have met a wonderful blogger and weaver Hermine Van Dijck who writes JOURNAL DE JOURS.
It's a fantastic blog with lots of inspirations, delicate and dreaming photos.
Hermine is doing a letter project which I am totally in love with.
Perhaps because when I were a teenager I had a lot of penpals throughout the world; from Brazil to Mexico to Algier to Spain.
I have sign up for Hermine's letter project and last week I got this beautiful and crispy letter from her.
It was so fantastic to open the letter. Full of live, photos of Hermine and her weaving. Everything were nicely wrapped.

In the letter there were a red fish together with this little note.
Some needlework, lovely!
From a calendar with calligraphy. I love the alfabet from all over the world.

Crispy yarn.
Pressed flowers and leafs.

Another blogger; elle boheme have writtin a nice inteview with Hermine.
I am now working on my letter for Hermine which I hope she will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed her letter.



Today Freddy and I went to Malmø. In the streets I saw this pretty bicicleta with a braided coatprotector on the wheel. Also the metal piece with its pattern is besutiful.



If you sometimes have a look at my blog, you have probably already found out that I have a crush on everything that has a lace like apperance.
My grandmother tought my to do bobbinlace when I were fourteen and this is where my passion began.
In 2005 I went to Turkey through ETN. There were a conference, exhibition and several textile tours. My textiles -room dividers were exhibited in Izmir where the conference also took place. Later on I went on the textile trip, which took me to Bursa and Istanbul.
On the textile trip we went to Bursa and this is where we visited a man who had collecting textile most of his life. This is where I saw these beautiful OYA, Turkish Lace.
On beautiful printed scarves the oya were on the edges.

These are my own personal oya collection which is hanging at my studio. I chose to cut of the oya edges from the scarfs.
The rose one were bought as it is. I guess somebody had already cutted it off a scarf as I can see some threads.
Most of my oya scarfs have I found in Bursa at little antique shops.

This one together with the rose (of my own little collection from my studio) are the two oldest I have. In 2005 they were around 80 years old. I bought them in Istanbul at the bazar. Today I still regret I did not buy the big oya in the first photo. This I also saw at the bazar, but this just means that there is a reason to go back to Turkey.



I think I have found the last dandelion in Denmark. It is so fragile that a little wind will destroy it completly.


I have found this pretty feather today. It looks a little fragile.



Today I went to Kunsthåndværkermarkedet at Vor Frue Church in Copenhagen.
Different kinds of crafts are shown like textiles, glass, ceramics, jewellery and wattle.
I am in love with wattle and Hjørnholm Pil by Anne Mette Hjørnholm make so exquisite objects that I had to buy two baskets from her.
This one is the smallest I bought. It is perfect for storrage and therefore I am going to keep it at my studio. I will put small bobbins of yarns in it and have it by my side when sitting and weaving at my loom.


Handwoven coca bag from Peru.

The bag is full of beautiful details, like the pom pom's. Also there is three small pockets and these are not sewn onto the big piece. It is one big piece. Amazing work.
I am impressed!



Found on my way home. A little leaf which looks like a donkey's ear. It's so pretty with the almost tiny feathers on the top.



My beautiful pelargonium Mr. Wren. It's part of my flowergarden in the backyard.
So pretty with the white zigzag edge together with red.




This is what I found when leaving my job this afternoon.
Not sure what they are called, but one ting is for sure they are so sticky.
In the old times in Denmark they were used when you had woven a blanket in wool. A lof of them were put on long sticks an then people brushed them over the blanket to soften it.



I have deceided I wanted to start posting small snapshots of my everyday life here.
Between these there will also be the longer post with lots of photos and text.
Leaving home with a little flower. This is taquetes which I planted as a seed in the spring time.


In the window at my studio lies these beautiful and sticky small objects.
I have bought them at a special flowershop close to my studio.
I like visiting the Botanic Garden here in Copenhagen, looking at all the flowers, structures and the nice smells. I also just like going there for relaxing.



Have just bought tickets for Peru, so here we come. In 3 months we will be leaving.
I still remember this facade in Baranco in Lima. The colors look fantastic together.
Different kinds of mais. The very dark one is made into some kind of juice, called chinca (I think) and it taste yummi.
Beautiful knitted embroidery from the Nazca period.
Me! In the Holy Week, Easter everywhere people are making objects from grass and straw. We found an old man making these very primitive crosses. Today one is hanging in each room of our appartment and also at my weaving studio.
Two sweet blind men in the center of Lima called Tacna, sitting by the churches and playing.
A facade in Tacna.
On our honeymoon we went to Ayacucho, a town known for its churches, which I love visiting.
A little cemetery outside of Ayacucho.
Close to Ayacucho, I can't remember the name of the village we visited a family full of weavers. Here handspun and handdyed wool is hanging.
Clay objects on top of the roof. In this area close to Ayacucho they are famous for house objects and near Cusco for objects looking like a bull.



Today I went for a walk in my neighborhood. I am so lucky, where I live in Copenhagen on Nørrebro, we have three big backyards and one of them is full of flowers.
I found these beautiful and very fragile poppies today. The pretty red makes me happy.

I am really fascinated by the little thing in the middle of the poppie, the structure looks exquisite and it is so pretty with its pattern.

It looks like a mess, but I think this is how it would look if the poppies were growing naturally in the nature. It is like they are beeing woven together with the other flowers in the big pots. A little bit wild.
 The little thing in the middle, leftovers when the blooming is over.
Amazing. They all look different eventhough they come from the same flower. These two looks a little bit fluffy on the top.
Here the lines becomes very tight and clean.

Two fluffy, the top in purple more than the other.
A beautiful and pretty bouquet of leftovers. LOVE.