I have met a wonderful blogger and weaver Hermine Van Dijck who writes JOURNAL DE JOURS.
It's a fantastic blog with lots of inspirations, delicate and dreaming photos.
Hermine is doing a letter project which I am totally in love with.
Perhaps because when I were a teenager I had a lot of penpals throughout the world; from Brazil to Mexico to Algier to Spain.
I have sign up for Hermine's letter project and last week I got this beautiful and crispy letter from her.
It was so fantastic to open the letter. Full of live, photos of Hermine and her weaving. Everything were nicely wrapped.

In the letter there were a red fish together with this little note.
Some needlework, lovely!
From a calendar with calligraphy. I love the alfabet from all over the world.

Crispy yarn.
Pressed flowers and leafs.

Another blogger; elle boheme have writtin a nice inteview with Hermine.
I am now working on my letter for Hermine which I hope she will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed her letter.

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  1. oh, thank you so so so much for your sweet words. It was a pleasure to make you a letter.