My husband and I have just spend one week of holiday in Berlin, and it's such an amazing and fantastic city. So full of experimental art, history and diversity, all at the same place. We totally fell in love.

I like walking and discovering new things and we often just head to one of the areas of Berlin, quickly Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg became our favorites.
We just would walk around, going into a backyard, looking at walls.
It says it all: Love Ist Possible, Love Is Possible, Kærlighed Er Muligt.
One evning we went to Mitte and close to Hackescher Höfe, we went into a backyard. I fell in love with this little box on the wall with different things inside. It reminds me of a dollhouse. 
A poster with hearts.
Also in Mitte next to Hackescher Höfe. This grafitti, wall painting were so much full of details.

In Prenzlauer Berg the small balconies were full of flowers, just like my own in Copenhagen.
My husband got so excited every time we saw some of the old Berlin Mauer. I'm not even sure if this part above was the truth Berlin wall, and why people today have started putting chewing gum on it. But it gave the wall a fantastic texture.
Part of the Berlin Mauer, with contemporary graffiti.
One day we went and visit Sachsenhausen and in the basement of the kitchen, the former prisoners have made drawings on the walls. This one really touched my heart and I guess the priosiners were dreaming of the day when it was possible to have a real shower again.

On the Kollwitzstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg there were many beautiful walls like this.
It's not easy to be the postman in this neighborhood, but lovely is it.
Another wall painting, also in Mitte with bikes in the front.

Thank you to my dear husband for beeing part of this amazing trip to Berlin.



Snapshots of some of my textile letters.
From Julie in Holland.
From Amanda R in Canada.
From Evdokia in Greece.
From Lisa in U.S.A.
From Teresa in Portugal.
From Zenobie in England.
From Our Strange Nature in Belgium.
From Avalanche Looms in U.S.A.
From Doni in Italy.
From Flaurette in France.
From Hermine in Belgium.
From Lisa in Belgium.
From Olga in Russia.
From Studio Meez in Belgium.