My husband and I have made it a tradition, if his birtheday is a sunny day and either falls in the weekend or on a holiday we go to the zoo here in Copenhagen.
I always want to go and see the room where the butterflies are. They are so beautiful and in a way also mysterious. The patterns are special and unusual.
My dream is to visit the Amazon in Peru where the most amazing butterflies should be.

This is the leftovers from a butterfly cocoon after it has become a butterfly. The transperans, colors and patterns are amazing. A textile apperance.



I have now been at my new studio for one month and have made it really cosy. Finally I am setting up a loom for some pillows.
The inspiration comes from a weaving class I did some time ago in the yarns from the Japanese yarncompany Nakachuu.

Different kinds of paperyarns from Nakachuu for the project.

In this sample I have purposely not woven equal. In an earlier post "Weaving at my job" from June 10 I have describe how to weave like this.

In the sample above the materials are linen, flat transperant paperyarn and a cellulose yarn in B/W, all from Nakachuu.

Ideas on how to make stripes in the reed and make movement in the weft direction.

Sample of honeycomb in linen warp and silk weft.

This design was sewn into a pillow last year and sold to the Art Association of Copenhagen University Hospital.

Later on I will write about the process on the loom.