Today I went for a walk in my neighborhood. I am so lucky, where I live in Copenhagen on Nørrebro, we have three big backyards and one of them is full of flowers.
I found these beautiful and very fragile poppies today. The pretty red makes me happy.

I am really fascinated by the little thing in the middle of the poppie, the structure looks exquisite and it is so pretty with its pattern.

It looks like a mess, but I think this is how it would look if the poppies were growing naturally in the nature. It is like they are beeing woven together with the other flowers in the big pots. A little bit wild.
 The little thing in the middle, leftovers when the blooming is over.
Amazing. They all look different eventhough they come from the same flower. These two looks a little bit fluffy on the top.
Here the lines becomes very tight and clean.

Two fluffy, the top in purple more than the other.
A beautiful and pretty bouquet of leftovers. LOVE.

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