Have just bought tickets for Peru, so here we come. In 3 months we will be leaving.
I still remember this facade in Baranco in Lima. The colors look fantastic together.
Different kinds of mais. The very dark one is made into some kind of juice, called chinca (I think) and it taste yummi.
Beautiful knitted embroidery from the Nazca period.
Me! In the Holy Week, Easter everywhere people are making objects from grass and straw. We found an old man making these very primitive crosses. Today one is hanging in each room of our appartment and also at my weaving studio.
Two sweet blind men in the center of Lima called Tacna, sitting by the churches and playing.
A facade in Tacna.
On our honeymoon we went to Ayacucho, a town known for its churches, which I love visiting.
A little cemetery outside of Ayacucho.
Close to Ayacucho, I can't remember the name of the village we visited a family full of weavers. Here handspun and handdyed wool is hanging.
Clay objects on top of the roof. In this area close to Ayacucho they are famous for house objects and near Cusco for objects looking like a bull.


  1. Very beautiful, I wish that i could come with you. I am intrigued by the knitted embroidery, are there some informations around? I couldn't find anything.
    (By the way, trip to Denmark is postponed)

  2. I have not found much about this, but on Amazon co uk there is a book by Alan Sawyer;
    Early Nasca Needlework, which I think is about this subject.