If you sometimes have a look at my blog, you have probably already found out that I have a crush on everything that has a lace like apperance.
My grandmother tought my to do bobbinlace when I were fourteen and this is where my passion began.
In 2005 I went to Turkey through ETN. There were a conference, exhibition and several textile tours. My textiles -room dividers were exhibited in Izmir where the conference also took place. Later on I went on the textile trip, which took me to Bursa and Istanbul.
On the textile trip we went to Bursa and this is where we visited a man who had collecting textile most of his life. This is where I saw these beautiful OYA, Turkish Lace.
On beautiful printed scarves the oya were on the edges.

These are my own personal oya collection which is hanging at my studio. I chose to cut of the oya edges from the scarfs.
The rose one were bought as it is. I guess somebody had already cutted it off a scarf as I can see some threads.
Most of my oya scarfs have I found in Bursa at little antique shops.

This one together with the rose (of my own little collection from my studio) are the two oldest I have. In 2005 they were around 80 years old. I bought them in Istanbul at the bazar. Today I still regret I did not buy the big oya in the first photo. This I also saw at the bazar, but this just means that there is a reason to go back to Turkey.


  1. Oh, my. I'm a bit jalous by seeing this. So so so beautiful !!

  2. They are lovely. I still remember this nice trip. I will send you some oya fragments to you.

  3. Thank-you for posting photos of these beautiful textiles.

  4. Hej Lisa,
    Dejligt at du er inde og besøge min blog. Jeg læser din ofte og er vild med dit projekt til London som du arbejder på pt.
    Vi er jo "gamle skolekammerater" fra DDS, så det er lidt pudsigt at mødes herinde.


  5. Great pictures, I heard about oya only a short while agoand yes, i agree, Turkey deserves another visit pretty soon!