Hello there!

I'm so sorry I have been absent for a long time. So many things have happend in my life in the past half year.

My old and lovely cat Osvald have past away, as he got more and more ill and finally I took the decision to have the veterinarian to come home to our place and end his life in a good way. Today his ashes is standing in our livingroom, so I always can talk to him.
Our little home became more and more empty and after several months my husband and I went to the shelter together. There were little Manolo waiting for us, a cute and sweet 6 months kitten, red like Osvald. I knew he was the right cat for us and today he have become
part of our little family and the most loving cat.
Right now Manolo is lying next to me on the sofa, while I'm writing this blogpost.

Manolo have been helping me and my husband through another very difficult time.
I have had a dream for so many years, to become a mother. 
Unfortunately it did not happend so we deceided to get help from a fertility clinic. I have to admit I have been going through hell and
finally we deceided to stop the process as it was to hard. This Spring will be very hard on me, but thankfully I have a very sweet and
loving husband.

I would like to share some images of my bobbinlace samples. I know this is only some simple bobbinlace, but one day I hope to be able to make some more complicated pieces.
I still remember the evenings when I was a young girl sitting in my Grandmothers livingroom and she taught me to make bobbinlace,
her special smell and her hands working with the tools.

I would like to apologize to everybody who is waiting for a textile letter from me. Soon a letter will be on it's way.


  1. I admire your beautiful bobbinlace, but most of all your courage and honesty! Wish you lots of love & strength during the months ahead.

  2. dear karina, the bobbinlace is very beuatiful ! I was wondering how you were doing...I wish you much courage en strenght in this difficult times!

  3. karina i am so sorry about sweet osvald.
    that's so sad.
    it's so good that you adopted manolo.

    and i wish that your dream will be completed. soon.

  4. Hello Karina,
    I'm so happy you found Manolo and hope he's been helping you coping with the sadness Osvald left in your heart.
    You know how much I understand.
    Thank you for opening your heart, it's not been an easy path for you, and I hope it will soften one day, and that you will find peace inside yourself.
    Sending warm hugs, to you & Manolo

  5. You've had hard days indeed, sweet Karina but I do hope life will treat you to some more wonderful moments.

  6. Hi Karina - I'm so sorry to hear about your tough times, I'm glad you have a new kitty friend to help you through them. They're the best friends in the world.

    I also wanted to say that your bobbin lace is so beautiful! I'm learning now and have been blogging about my progress - I love the simplicity of the patterns you've used, they're absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing them!

  7. Dear Karina,

    thank you for the intimate post. I was worried the last months as I haven't heard anything from you, but now I'm releaved, even though your writing about a hard time for you. It's so wonderful you have someone taking care of you and helping you through such a hard time.
    I wish you all the best and a lot of joy and love!

    Best wishes,

  8. dearest Karina,

    it has been too long between visits to your beautiful blog
    and I am so sorry to hear how the year has started for you
    sending you much love and kindness for the moments ahead

    k x

  9. dear Karina,

    i saw your name over at vibeke's advent calendar
    i wondered how you are.....
    and just now i read about your tough times
    i am so sorry

    i wish 2014 will be a wonderful year
    for you and your loved ones

    Patrice A.

  10. Simple .... Simply beautiful. I think we share the same passion for vintage textiles and a desire to learn the old techniques. I am sending a hug and loving thoughts your way. I know you will fill those spaces in your heart with beauty . I might be visiting Copenhagen in August on my way to Norway and would love to meet you. Xx