I have just come home from Holland. First I were four days in Amsterdam and later on two days in Winterswijk for weaving.
I just like walking around with my camera, taking photos.
Out on the street I found this little copy of Van Gogh's: Sunflowers. Pretty!!
One day I walked into the backyard of some houses and here I found all these mailboxes decorated with photos and old wallpapers.
The atmosphere were fantastic and I wish there were mailboxes like this in Copenhagen.
Many years ago I were a mailman (woman) in Copenhagen and I still remember the same boring maiboxes. Only a few times did I see some that were more private, like this. I really enjoyed. My own front door into my appartment is full of photos, things I like looking at.
Me concentrating, taking a photo.
One day I was borred so I went into a shopping center in Amsterdam.
Here I saw that different designers had studios with shops. What a great idea. This is a little sneak peak into Melangetrois who make beautiful clothes. There studio were full of plants and a big wall of inspiring photos.
In front of a flower shop I saw these plants hanging. The owner were standing inside making them by somehow sewing the roots inside the ground. Amazing work. I would love to have some hanging at my own studio.
Close to the flower shop I saw these old trash canes. A woman was going out and she invited me inside the backyard. So sweet of her.
A forbidden photo taken inside droog.
This table were amazing.
A lot of "Flittig Lise". That is what we call these small things here in Denmark. It is possible to make a little string with threads on them.
When walking I often take a look inside peoples home. I know it is not very polite, but often there are so many beautiful things.
In this window, I think it is some kind of tape cutted into a pattern that has been put on. It is so beautiful and I wish I had a window like this.
A homemade braided curtain.
Lots of notes.
Like me other people is also in love with cats. There were cats in the windows and on the front door. So this is a little greeting to my own lovely cat; Osvald.


  1. Nice pictures, you have an eye for interesting things. I love that table!

  2. Hello Blandina,
    Thank you.
    There were so many things to look at!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Very inspiring!