Yesterday my new purse from The Blue Rabbit House shop arrived at my home. I am so much in love with Eva's leaf collection and I will probably buy one more.
The little leaf at the zipper completes the purse.
Details of the beautiful leafs embroidered by Eva.
The back of the purse with a pretty textile full of flowers.
Inside, also a flower textile together with the blue rabbit house tag.
Eva also have a blog with updates on her shop and other nice things about textiles.
Even the envelope which contained the purse were textile like.
I love my new purse and is going to put my new canon g 12 items in it. Then I will have it with me everywhere I go.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really hope you'll enjoy the purse a lot. I'm so happy to read you found a good use for it. :)