When I went to Peru the first time in 2007 I fell in love with the peines from the Amazonas. I still haven't visit the Amazonas, one day I will, but have only seen the peines at the Museo de la Cultura Peruana in the center of Lima. The museum is full of Peruvian folk art and I like visiting it every time I am in Lima.
I love the peines.
Many of them have a woven pattern, here a twill in zig zag.
The one left in the top is my favorite. I like the way the pattern is made with just a black thread.
These three is amazing. The patterns is really exquisite.
This is my own little collection of peines. I have bought them at a very special shop in Miraflores in Lima, which is full of things from the Amazonas; Agua y Tierra.
My own pieces of peines is amazing because of the difference of the black and natural colors.

The last peinas I have is not from Peru. A friend of mine who is travelling a lot have found this in India. Again it have the beautiful woven pattern which I am fascinated of.


  1. These are beautiful and I like the paterns too!
    But I wonder what 'peinas' actually is?

    P.S. I got your letter and I'm in love with everything you send me! thank you very much!

  2. I'm glad you liked my letter. I have just wrote a post about your letter today.
    A peines is spanish for a comb. It's used for brushing hair.