I have started to make embroidery again. Haven't done since I were in the beginning of my twenties, so eventhough I have chosen simple patterns it's a challange for me.
By the way I'm in love with these b/w codes of patterns.


  1. Karina, this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful embroidery arrived today!!! I'm in love with it!! I'll make a post of it very soon. Once things go calmer again (my days have been so, so crowded), I'll continue working on my letter.

  2. Eva, I'm so happy you like my letter to you and espcially the embroidery. It's because of you I have started again, so I wanted you to have a little piece.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. this is so beautiful! i love embroidery too but have given everything other than bobbin lace up so i can focus on it 100%.
    i would love to see your gauze as well!