Here is a little sneak peak into the letter I wrote for Hermine.
Photos of Japanese Boro textiles and a little kasuri weaving sample, which I bought in Kyoto.
In the background there are some shiny leftovers from a tree I see every day when taking the bus to my job. When you open it there are some seeds inside it and this shinyness appears.
A leaf which has started to change into a lace like pattern.
In the background there are two samples woven by me in complex gauze. The black one in paperyarn and the shiny in stainless steel.
OYA, Turkish Lace.
I bought some of them at the bazar in Istanbul and others at antique shops in Bursa. The oya's have all been part of a scarf.
In the front there is a photo of a Detente from Peru.
Photos of paper strings from Japan.

So, dear Hermine I hope you enjoyed the letter I sent to you as much as I have enjoyed yours.
I think I have to start my own little "letter writing" one day.


  1. dearest Karina, the letter was such a surprise to open. And I looked at it for hours. Still can't believe that you send me so much amazing, beautiful textiles with a soul. Thanks a million.

  2. Dear Hermine,
    I am so happy that you liked my letter to you. I really enjoyed putting all the things together.
    And I think I have to start my own little letter project now, thanks to you.