I now have a little collection of Detentes, all bought in Peru. Here is an earlier post I have written about my first detentes.
This time I were lucky. The day before going back to Denmark, I visited the street Avenida La Paz in Miraflores district of Lima. There is especially one female antique owner who often gets some "new" old detentes. I were able to expand my collection here and this is what I found.
This unique detente is with a bleeding heart in the center with a cross on the top, surrounded by branches with flowers. I think the fabric is silk.
The size is 6 x 7,5cm.
Two small detentes where there is embroidery on both sides. It is the first time I have seen it as with the detente to the left. They are both a little bit destroyed.
To the right it says: DETENTE el Corazón de Jesús está conmigo: the heart of Jesus is with me.
They are around 3-3,5 cm in the diameter.

Here Jesus is on the Cruzifix surrounded by gold embroidery and pink flowers.  
On top of Jesus it says; INRI. In latin it means: "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum", Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews.
This detente is big, 9 cm in length.

Two detente with Maria in focus. The one to the left were wrapped inside plastic when I bought it, so now it is very shiny and clean.
Two detente with perhaps baby Jesus.
The last couple of detentes all have a photo in the center behind plastic, surrounded by embroidery of flowers.

Two detente with a lot of details. The one to the right is so delicate with the little sheep, VIVA MARIA and VIVA JESVS, the embroidered flowers and a person.
They are very small, only 3 x 4 cm. 
Like with the first detentes I bought, I also here have a favorite.
The embroidered thread in the edges have almost disappear. The heart is bleeding, but behind is the sun. 


  1. I had never seen detentes before. I love them so much! What a beautiful collection.

  2. Thank you Bethy the tiger; lovely name.
    I saw them the first time when I were in Peru in 2007, and then I started to collect them.
    A working colleage went to Italy earlier this year and went into a monastery. The nuns said that they also made them in Italy, but in different kinds of regions. I find that very interesting too. So, one day I will try to look for them in Italy.

  3. So wonderful.
    I send you my heartfelt gratitude,

  4. Hej Karina
    Tak for din kommentar til votiv. Vi får vore votiver fra Italien og Frankrig. Men meningen er den samme, som i Peru.
    De viste ''nonnearbejder'' ser vi også fra Frankrig. Lige nu har vi ikke nogle, men de dukker op ind imellem. Og de er så smukt forarbejdet med tekst og billeder, som du viser dem.

  5. Hej Frøken Anker,
    Jeg vil følge din blog fra nu af, da jeg gerne vil have flere Detentes, så det kunne være spændende at få nogle fra Frankrig.