I can not stop posting pictures of our Christmas tree.
This year is special as it is the first time my husband and I are spending Christmas together at our little flat in Copenhagen.
This year I have bought an old Christmas tree stand.
Our Christmas tree is full of old glass decoration made in Germany and Czech republic.
I love angels of all kinds. Here you can see one from Peru to the right. This year I bought angels from a danish ceramist, who have made some in very thin porcelain.
On the picture here you can also see some handmade pom poms I have made. All of them made by yarns from the japanese yarn company Nakachuu. The pom pom to the left is made with reflex yarn.
The pom poms can be bought through my etsy page.
A little owl and Santa Claus on clips.
A duck in glass.
Czech republic decoration in glass.
One of the wise men on a clips. Beautiful and rare.
I wish everybody a beautiful and happy Christmas.


  1. Hallo Karina, I love your glass ornaments.
    Have a nice Christmas in Copenaghen!

  2. Hello Aracne,
    Thank you. I can not stop buying old decorations. This weekend I have bought a new old one in a shop in Copenhagen called Wiingaard Boheme.
    You too have a nice Christmas.