When I earlier this year went to Amsterdam I visited a very interesting shop called Shirdak. Marianne Tuerlings, the owner have a lot of beautiful textiles from the Silk Road and nomadic felts. All of them so amazing. She has just started an online shop.
In another post I will show snapshots from the shop.

I bought some small amulets, probably from Parkistan or Afghanistan, made in beads. The size is around 7 cm in diameter.

There were a lot of them in the shop, so I chose the one I liked by turning them around, as the backside is so beautiful. At my studio they are hanging showing both sides.


  1. oh, wauw, this is so so so beautiful. To be honest, I love the back even more then the front.

  2. It is nice to see the working from the back. They have, for me, a similar feeling of the detentes you showed a few days ago.

  3. Hi Bethy,
    You are right about that. I first thought at that now.
    Thank you!