Surfaces that contains different kinds of tactility, have always inspired me when weaving.

In Peru, me and my husband visited several places and especially Urubamba with it's salt minerals impressed me. When coming there and seeing the complete view, it was amazing.

I like taking close-up of pictures, so I get the complete surface, structure, tactility and 3-dimensional effect. I use this in the beginning part of my weaving.

Two views.
At this very thin part where the white is, people were walking, when going to one place and another. I never found out how deep they were.
Top of the surface is a little bit crackled.
I love the crispness that is shown in this picture. Almost like frozen water.
On the sand where we were walking, there were a very thin layer of salt and all of it were crackled into a beautiful pattern.
Another frozen part, almost like snow.
I think it was amazing to see so many structures, and the whole experience is still inside of me. Going to Urubamba, seeing the salt minerals is recomendable. Next time me and my husband is in Peru, I will visit again.

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