I have just been visiting Frankfurt for the Techtextile Fair. Here I always have to go and buy sweets at BITTER ZART. A fantastic little shop next to the Dom.
The shop it self is decorated with charming interior, all in the romantic style. Eventhough it is not my style I love it.

What is amazing for this little shop is the wrapping. They have put a lot of effort into making each sweet looking special, all of them with their own little tag.
Here is soft nougat with different kinds of taste. I bought some for my husband with ginger, apricot and rosemary.
Shelves full of different kinds of sweets; chocolate, licorice, gummi etc.

A whole wall full of different kinds of beautiful wrapped chocolate.


  1. Very tempying and a very unusual post from you! Would all these delicious and well wrapped sweets inspire you into weaving something spectacular?

  2. This could easily be inspiring for some weaving structures, especially the soft nougat.
    But I mainly posted this one because of the SWEETS!!!