My latest project is made in thin stainless steel, carbon fiber and polyester. It's four room dividers and I have woven them in the weaving technique called GAUZE. This technique is my favorite and the three of the room dividers is made on my computerized loom from ARM with 24 harnesses. A very complex setting.

It took me three weeks just to make the technique work on the loom, as it was the first time I have ever try to do it like this. I made it with half doups which I have made my self too, (also a long proces). Another day I will show how to make the half doups and the setting.

They have been exhibited in the Roundtower last summer in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The room dividers is called; A Tribute to Chancay. In late 2007 I went to Lima, Peru, to study the Chancay Culture at a small museum; Museo Amano.
This was a fantastic trip in many ways, as I also met my husband there.

Museo Amano have the biggest collection of Chancay GAUZES in the world. This culture lived between 1100-1450 AC.
I was able to, for two weeks to sit and study these amazing textiles, drawing and photographing them. It was fantastic.
The third time I went to Peru, in 2008 I was able to visit the last existing place in the Chancay Valley; Pisquillo.

I wanted to go there to feel the atmosphere of the Chancay Culture, to breath in the place where all these beautiful and amazing textiles have been made, all these many years ago. It was a big archeological area; a dessert and there in the sand there were still lyuing bones, broken pottery and textiles. I have never seen anything like that.
My first trip to Peru have given me so many good experiences. Best of all, my husband is today living with me in Denmark.