When I was 14 years my grandmother teached me to do bobin lace. I still remember I drove to her house on my bike twice a week and she sat there next to me, explaining how to make the different kinds of patterns.
For me the pattern called "spider" was difficult, but my grandmother Doris had this patience and she kept on untill I got it into my fingers. Many years later I were the one who still came to her house, helping her when she became to old to remember. Again it was the "spider" that was difficult.
All this bring out good memories. My grandmother was a woman who knew how to work with her hands and a couple of years later I started to weave. Unfortunately she passed away the year I were lucky to be accepted to the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen.
I think my fascination into the gauze technique started at this time, as to me the gauze have this lace like apperence I am fascinated by.
The first bobin lace I did at the age of 14. This was meant to be sewn onto a handkerchief. The "spider" is next to the edge and in the middle is the heart. This pattern is of course very simple, but to me as the first I did so complicated.
In 2007 I went to London to a textile conference held by ETN -the European Textile Network. In the weekend I went to the fleamarket on Bortobello Road. There was a stall full of bobin lace; big shawls, handkerchiefs, parts to be sewn onto dresses etc. Here I was lucky to find this piece with beads which is from the biginning of the 19th Century. It contains of five of the above pieces and I think it is meant to be sewn onto a blouse, dress in the neckline.


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