When visiting a monastery in Peru, you will often find the most beautiful tiles. To me they are related to textiles because of there patterns and colors. These tiles are from Lima.


  1. I went to Peru many years ago and now I wonder how much inspiring places I missed.
    These tiles are absolutely beautiful, are you planning some interesting weaving out of them?

  2. Hi Aracne,
    Nice to see you again here.
    I think there is so many beautiful places in Peru and this one is just one of them. I like when travelling to visit places with not so many tourist, and my husband (from Peru) found this place, in the middle of Lima.
    At the moment I am not planning any weaving out of this, except I use the tiles for color inspiration, so in a way yes, I guess ;-)

  3. Hallo, Karina!
    Do you know this place: www.fondazionelisio.org ?it is the only place in the world (so I am told) where they still weave velvet by hand.
    The have very interesting courses, I took a few of the easiest. If you want more info you can get in touch with me: blandina dot steinhauslin at gmail dot com. The fondazione is worth a visit should you plan to come to Florence. Bye! Blandina

  4. Hi Blandina,
    Yes, I know Fondazione Lisio in Firenze. I have never been at the weaver school, but have met Eva Basile several times.
    One of my colleages I share studio with Have been there several times. I have also been considering going there because of the velvet, but closest to my heart is the GAUZE, which I have studied in Japan and Peru.