For some time ago I saw an aritcle on the blog Sri Threads about Boucherouite, also known as RAGS. The article was written by Gebhart Blazek who owns the Gallery Berber Arts in Graz, Switcherland. Blazek collects berber carpets and textiles from Morocco.
Last week I went to Malmø for shopping. There I always visit a shop; Marrakech which sells tiles, lamps, textiles and other interior items from Morocco.
This time they had three Boucherouite and I fell in love with this one, not so big. 152 x 92 cm. Today it lies in the bedroom with my blue/white japanese textiles and a big carpet I use as a room divider from India. The main color is also blue. Allthough they have different kinds of patterns, they still look fantastic together.

I like the way they have made the pattern and none of the Boucherouite looks the same.
A close-up. Here it is possible to see all the beautiful colors and different kinds of patterns in the rags used in the Boucherouite.
Even the bag is beautiful. It reminds me of the swedish "trasmattor", also made out of rags.
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Cavin Morris


  1. I was very interested by this rug and curious about how it was done.
    Today I found a tutorial here http://thepatchworkheart-heather.blogspot.com/
    Go to august 17th, is this the same technique?

  2. So nice to see that you are following my blog.
    It is an interesting tutorial, but I think it is not a Boucherouite as the one I have, but what is called a hooked rug. Take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rug_hooking

    In the book Boucherouite by Blazek there are not many pictures of how the carpets are made, mostly the final carpet, but there is one of a loom which stands up, so I guess they are woven.

  3. The texture and color of rag weave from any culture always excites me.
    Your Moroccan rug is also a beautiful design. This is the first time I have seen your excellent blog!

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  5. more information for german people http://www.theroomery.de/boucherouite-teppiche