In the autum of 2008 my textile collection from Kvadrat was beeing presented to the public at the Orgatec fair in Cologne.
The collection is called: the Karina Nielsen Rios´Collection. It consist of Checkpoint -upholstery, Zeze & Yoyo-curtains, Toto -acoustic. All is woven in Trevira CS and coated polyurethane.
Kvadrat is famous for very colourfull designs. In my collection I chose to weave in non-colours. The collection is about the structure of the yarn and the construction of the weave. I was so happy when Kvadrat chose to put my designs into production. For me this is one of the best things that has happend in my textile life. This and receiving the 3-year grant from the Danish State Art Foundation in 2007.
The Kvadrat stand from the outside, designed by Gunilla Allard.
The Kvadrat stand from the outside with some of the black-grey-white shades of my collection.
Kvadrat also had another stand at another place in Cologne. Here they have put up a more simple look with boxes. Again many of the black-grey-white shades is the collection made by me.
The variety in the Checkpoint collection.
Toto, the textile for acoustic.
It was a big honor when I found out that Moroso had chosen to put my whole collection into there own textile collection.
Here are two chairs with two different kinds of Checkpoint structures.

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