Today I just want to show some different kinds of structures and textures in some woven samples I have made many years ago.
The first one was made in 1998 when I was an exchange student at Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science.
It is made on a jacquard loom from Dornier, where I worked with the twill effect. I like the way the twill change from the warp into the weft and how the movement comes into the textile because of this.
These next two samples is woven in the pique technique. The material is silk. On the back of the first textile there is a fine little thread which is elastic. After I took it of the loom I put it into hot water. The threads relaxed and the structure becomes more alive.
The second pique is woven with a filling weft on the back of the textiles. Because of this is becomes more bulky and get much more structure on the surface of the textile.
This last textile is very simple. I have called it; Pearls on a String. Because of the changement in the weft yarn, from thick to thin makes it special.
This textile gave me an internship in Italy at a weaving company; Lanificio Bartolini Sestilio in Prato, as it were very Chanel and Celine like.


  1. Very, very interesting. I have been away from weaving foro while (but I am a very rough beginner) and what you show is fascinating.
    Coming back to Prato soon?

  2. Hello again,
    My plan is not really to come back to Prato. Perhaps for a visit one day to Tuscany with my husband as I really love Firenze.