Today I want to show you some of the beautifull colors of Peru.
In the area of Barranco in Lima I saw this amazing door. Here in Scandinavia we would never put these kinds of colors together, and in a way I think it's sad. They are so beautiful, strong and warm.
Barranco is a very nice area with a lot of creative people.
Peru is famous for all it's different kinds of corns. Here some are a little bit dried and some fresh. The very dark one taste so good and they make a juice called "chinca". I still remember this special taste and is looking forward to drink it again next year when going back on a holiday with my husband.
Different kinds of dried spices, mushrooms, fruit ect. These I saw at a market in Cusco.
All of them had different kinds of purposes to treat illness. Me and my husband bought some of the mushrooms and spices, which we have used in tea.
A beautiful woman sitting at the market in Pisac near Cusco. All the colors is unfortunately synthetic as they are so strong. In natural dyes this is not possible.

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