In 2007 I travelled to London for a textile conference and jacquard course with Vibeke Westby and Bhakti Ziek. During my stay I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and I saw this beautiful exhibition of mummies from Egypt.

In this post I just want to show pictures of the amazing wrapping. The patterns are so beautiful. A lot of texture and almost like weaving.


  1. Love your adventures in textures. Simple structure can be so powerful! Everything around us is interconnected. I just started following Bhakti Ziek's blog as well. She's a blast from my past as I took a class from her years ago at University of Rhode Island as I was contemplating their M.S. graduate program. She ans I were on a different level than the beginner/undergrad students and that encouraged me.

  2. Thank you.

    Bhakti is also a former teacher of me. In 1998 I exchange ½ year to Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, today Philadelphia University where whe was my teacher.
    Later on in 2007 I went to London for a conference through the ETN and one more time she was my teacher together with Vibeke Westby from Norway.