I have just come back from the weekend at my parents in a little town called Karup, in the middle of Jutland.
My mother have the most wonderful and beautiful garden, full of flowers. It is from her I have my pasion for flowers, so I am lucky to have my own little balcony together with my apartment in Copenhagen, full of flowers. I collect the Geranium family; Pelargoniums and Storkenæb (danish).

Today I would like to show you some Storkenæb, both from my mothers garden and from my own little balcony. The flowers are full of colors, patterns and structures. So pretty.

I have pressed some of the flowers, as I hope to be able to keep the beautifulnes of the flower, so I can look at them in the winter, too.

The Geraniums is not a big flower, but with the macro lense it is still possible to take a nice close-up.

This one is from the Oxonianum family and is called Julie Brennan.
Here I have pressed it, hopefully it will still look nice during the winter, with the beautiful lines on the leaves.

A nice inspiration for weaving.
Jolly Bee.

I think of the people in Norway, so this heart in bobinlace is for them.

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