Today my husband and I have 4 years of anniversary. We meet exactly 4 years ago at Plaza de Armas in Lima. My husband Freddy have told me, it was because I was walking around taking photos of the balconies, I were smiling and laughing and he just wanted to talk to me, because I looked so happy.

So today is a celebration of all the beautiful balconies of Lima.
The one who makes my husband taking contact with me at Plaza de Armas, in the center of Lima. Most of the balconies are made in wood. This one in colonial style.

Everywhere I go there is a new old balcony, no one looks the same, either in wood or metal. Each one has it's own style and pattern.

This one have started to be restored.

I like when you can see somebody is living on the other side of the balcony and that it is in use. It always make me start fantasizes about how it looks inside and how people live there lives.

Here is a bar with colorful photos.
Around Plaza de Armas it is also possible to see this beautiful colonial balcony.

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