I have got such a beautiful Desert Quilt from Kutch in India.

A frind of mine Lene Bennike who is a fantastic photographer takes the most beautiful photos and graphic pieces. She have been traveling several times to India and some years ago I purchased a Desert Quilt from her.
Lene Bennike have wrote a whole book; Quilts and Portraits from Kutch about these amazing Desert Quilts.
My big Desert Quilt which is hanging in my bedroom.
The stitching is so delicate. Here it's possible to see the woman have change the color of thread when a new color in the pattern appear. So beautiful.
I love the details.
The design & pattern reminds of Hans Christian Andersen's papercut.
Even the backside is beautiful with two different fabrics.

Recently I have made new updates in my Textile Letters.


  1. Here in Copenhagen it's possible to buy a lot of new items in synthetic colors, but mine is natural and old. Love it so much!