Tomorrow is a very special day, as I have four year weddingday together with my lovely husband Freddy, whom I met when travelling to Peru in 2007.

In a little antique shop in Miraflores I have bought a piece of fragment of a Nazca Needlework. The Nazca Culture lived between 100 to 800 CE.
I love the colors in the needlework. I do not know this technique, (to me it looks knitted, but I'm not sure). Because of the way the colors have been putted together I have made a little embroidery to honour the day I got married.
Two colors as one thread. Beautiful. My inspiration for the embroidery.
Two colors as one thread in the embroidery.
The little fragment from Nazca in it's full size.


  1. That's how I build up my embroideries, I always use two different threads. It gives such a beautiful effect. I love the embroidery you made!

    Congrats with your anniversary! Enjoy this lovely day. :)

  2. Lovely! May your marriage continue to be a constant source of creative inspiration. Happy Anniversary, and many more.