When I were a little girl I collected wipes.
Every time my parens, sister and I went to a restautant, I always took a new one. Later on I gathered with other girlfriends and then we exchanged wipes. This I have also done with stickers and scraps.
Today I still have my old wipes and scraps.

Here the other day I went down into the basement to my storageroom and there I found a shoebox which contains all my old wipes.
What a thrill it was to re-open again, taking up each piece and go back in memory.
All my wipes in a 30 cm big layer.
Most of the wipes is with flower patterns and in pastel colors. Some is broken a little bit, others have small stains of spots on them.
To me it does not matter, as it's the memories which is most important.
Some of the wipes I have, is also from my sister and a few from when my mother where a teenager.
Dancing couple in pretty clothes with stripes on the edges.
This pattern is completly different from the others, more modern.
Still I love the flower patterns more. It reminds me of Spring and Summer.
To the right a Holly which is popular when it's Christmas.
Two wipes in 1960 patterns and colors.
This looks like a cross stitch embroidery.

Yesterday when I made some textile letters, I added one of my old wipes to each envelop. I hope the receivers will enjoy them as much as I have done.


  1. Oh, such a wonderful collection!

  2. Ii was also collecting wipes when I was a child. Unfortunately I don't think that the collection still exists. Yours is really beautiful!

  3. your collection is very beautiful, it's a real treasure and I'm very happy that you have shared with me one of them !

  4. I mange år samlede min mor servietter. Om hun stadig gør, det ved jeg faktisk ikke. Men på loftet står en kasse med hendes samling, fra hun var barn. Og mange gange er der kun en halv serviet, for den anden halvdel er blevet byttet væk for en anden serviet :-)

  5. De servietter er garanteret fantastiske. Ville jeg gerne se.