I love cementeries.
The whole atmosphere, the quiteness and feeling of just beeing me is so strong there. In Lima there are so many beautiful cementeries and my husband have taken me to two of them.

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This is from Callao with lots of fresh flowers. There were rows after rows full of these. So amazing.
From another cemetery in Lima which were very old. As I remembered I think my husband and I were the only visitors that day.
Around the cementeries you will always find small booths of flowermarkets and I always buy some flowers to bring with me simple to show respect, both to the buried and the people who come and visit there beloved family members.
The most simple gravestone I have ever seen, probably because the bereaved were poor and could not afford a real one. This really touched me so much and I believe it's the most beautiful and fragile gravestone I will ever come across.
In Lima there are many Chinese and especially Japanese people. I like looking at alphabets and how letters are written.
Two windows with colored glasses in beautiful patterns.
This little wreath reminds me of the beautiful and very pretty filigran silverwork I have seen been made in Ayacucho. 
My favorite photo of all, these plastic flowers and feathers covered with dust.
A beautiful gravestone in white marble with Maria and Jesus on the cross.
I want to end this post with these cute little girls who are dancing. So pretty!


  1. wow, this is a impressing cemetery! Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

  2. You do like cementeries as much as I. Just lovely.
    I will make some prints of some of my photos and send you a new letter soon.

  3. Lovely! I'm a bit behind my letters, but plan to send you also something again :)