My new passion next to weaving is embroidery.
It's so easy to work with, and I can take it with me everywhere I go, in the bus on my way to work or even now when the weather is so fantastic here, I can sit on my favorite spot at the Assistens Cementery and sew the embroidery stitches. So nice!
One of my first embroidery.
I like trying out new colors and stitches in a sample before making the big piece. To me embroidery is a new way of express my feelings and here I am also able to do something I have never done before in weaving; working with colors. Weaving for me is working with black, white and the shades of grey in between. To me it's the most beautiful way of showing the structures in the fabric. So this is a new way for me to try to find out how to work with colors and still show the structures of the stitches. Perhaps one day, colors will appear in my weavings too.
Perhaps, perhaps not!! 
In a way I am still addicted to the simple shades, here light grey and light green, close to each other. It's not easy to let go of something I have been working with for so many years.
I like beeing surrounded with flowers of all kinds, inside and now also outside on my balcony and even in my backyard.
I have bought these Astrantia Major, we call them Stjerneskærm and I find them so fragile with the little hopping stars in the middle. Also the Ranunculus is amazing. This one looks like a lace to me with it's edges that looks like a brush.

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  1. such lovely flowers!


  2. lovely embroidery!

  3. karina, these flowers
    are so beautiful, want to
    draw them

    me, too, every day
    i buy new flowers from the
    ladies next to our metro station
    and waiting for the new ones
    growing on my balcony