Last weekend I have been home at my parents place and they have the most stunning garden, full of flowers, which is now blooming. Early in the morning I went out garden collecting.
A little "picture" of straws and grasses. To me these colors are amazing, full of life and energy. I would love to use them as inspiration for weaving. 
Details of limegreen together with light rosa. Pretty pretty!!
Purple, red, rosa, lilac, silver, grey, white and black.
Geranuims which we call "Storkenæb". This is one of my favorite Summer flowers, as there is so many different kinds of shapes, shades and colors.
Leaf from the Conny Broe Geranium. The nature is amazing and full of delicate patterns.
Purløg in blooming. This little green straw you can eat.
Sun, lines and colors.


  1. such lovely pictures! Nature is the best!

  2. beautiful pictures & flowers!

  3. WOW, so many different species! They must have an amazing garden. Beautiful!


  4. Thank you for sharing some pics from your parents garden! Nature is so beautiful in a still way I sometimes miss to see the beauty.

  5. about detentes
    i have had a detentes that was given to me when i was a baby,72 years ago. it is round, about an inch wide, with a crocheted edge with seed beads. in the middle is hand painted a rose and beneath is written "blessed rose" it was made by a nun in milwaukee wisconsin usa. she was my great aunt, my grandmother's sister. i enjoyed your collection so much.

    1. Hello milwaukee,
      I would love to see that detente. Can't you mail me a photo of it.

      Love, Karina