I have an obsession, it's very simple and it's cemeteries.
I can keep on walking at the Assistens close to my home on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. There are no place like it.
This day I found my own letter K carved into a stone.
I love the strong yellow color, which has been paintet onto the little tag with numbers.
The Sun rises.
The old metal gates are so pretty, full of history and patina.
Lots of Geraniums is in bloom at the moment. This one is from the Phaeum family, called Samobor. It's a very tall plant with small flowers and the most beautiful leaves. I have some of them too at my balcony and in the backyard plantet in pots.
Not really in use any more, but they stand there full of grace and a lot of memories are with them.

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  1. I find cemeteries quite fascinating as well. I love how there's always a beautiful garden in most european cemeteries. Here in Brazil they're all pure concrete, quite sad really!